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All-Tech Specialty Fasteners is
a Full-Line Fastener/Electronic
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Medical, Aerospace Instrumentation,
Electronic, Telecommunications and
other High-Tech Industries
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Specialty Fasteners

All-Tech Specialty Fasteners, LLC is proud to distribute the leading-edge products represented in our Product Line Card.

Each of these name-brand manufacturers has provided high-quality products and dependable service for many years.

All-Tech is confident that you will benefit from the application assistance provided by our own sales staff as well as the factory engineering teams.


APM - Hexseal
Self-sealing fasteners and sealing boots

AVK Industrial Products
Blind threaded captive fasteners and inserts

A Raymond-Tinnerman/Palnut
Specialty component parts, Palnut, stamped nuts, panel clips, speed nuts, nut and bolt assembly, trim clips, specialty spring steel and plastic component parts, connectors

Alcoa Fastening Systems
Industrial fasteners products and the global leadership in Aerospace products
Brand names you can trust:
Industrial - Huck®, Marson®, Recoil®, ValueRivet®, Camloc®
Aerospace - Camloc, Delron, Deutsch, Huck, K-Fast, Kaynar, Linread, Mairoll, Mecaero, Microdot, Northbridge, Ram, Rosan, Screw-Corp, Simmonds, SNEP, Tridair, Valley-Todeco, Voi-Shan

Apex Assembly Tools
Bits, bit holders, hand Drivers, nutsetters, sockets, extensions, universal wrenches

Blind threaded inserts, self-clinching fasteners

Avdel® An AcumentTM Global Technologies Company
Breakstem and structural rivets and threaded rivets

Avdel Cherry Textron
Blind threaded inserts, breakstem fasteners, speed, and structural fastening

Baker Finnermore
Push on fasteners, disc springs, Belleville washers

Rivnut® and Rivstud®, blind rivet nuts and studs

Bossard International
Metric Fasteners (Bin/ISO)

Quick release fasteners, draw latches, solid inserts

Captive Fastener Corporation
Self-clinching fasteners, broaching fasteners, and weld nuts

Cherry Aerospace
Aerospace blind rivets, blind bolts, rivetless nut plates, shear pins, and installation tools

Dodge® Emhart® Teknologies
Threaded inserts for plastics

Driv-Lok, Inc.
Press fit fastening and joining products

Quick access fasteners; quarter- turn fasteners

E-Z Lok
Thread inserts for metal, plastic and wood

Fastener Innovation Technology Emhart® Teknologies
Serves the global aerospace market with specialized engineering and fastening solution

Blind riveting and structural fastening systems

Gripco® Emhart® Teknologies
Prevailing torque nuts, weld nuts, and threaded assembled products

Groov-Pin Corp.
SpeedSerts® thread forming inserts, Tap-Lok® thread cutting inserts

Heli-Coil® Emhart® Teknologies
Free running and screw lock threaded inserts, as well as, installation tools

Hi-Shear Corporation
HI-Lok (HL Pins and Collars, HLT Pins and Collars, Hi-Lite Pins and Collars)

Huck Fasteners (Formerly Deutsch Fastener Corporation)
Lockbolts, structural blind rivets, hydraulic and pneumatic installation tools, hydraulic power rigs

Vibration-proof sealing locknut

Multi-thread Unuts, mid panel nuts, nut plates, metal stampings

ITW Delpro
Latches and dampers for automotive interior, electronic and appliance applications

Engineered plastic fasteners, panel fasteners, Christmas trees, grommets, plastic rivets, hole plugs

ITW Fastex
Leading supplier of engineered components and assemblies

Injection molded furniture hardware

ITW Shakeproof/Anchor/Medalist
Specialty spring steel and cold-formed products, threaded fasteners

Johnson & Hoffman Precision Metal Stamping
Carr Teenuts® fasteners, metal stamping and deep draw fasteners, hole plugs

Inserts and Studs

Cherry Aerospace
Aerospace blind rivets, blind bolts, rivetless nut plates, shear pins, and installation tools

Maclean-Fogg Company
Locknuts, including Whiz-Lock Nuts and /Whiz-Lock Screws

Masterfix® Emhart® Teknologies
Blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, and bolts

Micro Plastics Inc.
Threaded nylon fasteners

Monogram Aerospace Fasteners
Visu-Lok Blind, Visu-lok II Blind, Wedgelock Temporary Fasteners

Nord-Lock® Inc.
Bolt Securing System

Parker-Kalon® Emhart® Teknologies
Specialty threaded fasteners from Swageform®, Dril-Kwick®, and Grip-Kwick® for metals Plastic-Kwick PlusTM for all plastics to Plast-Fast® for thermoplastics

PIC Design
Motion/Positioning, precision Mechanical components, and gear products

POP® Emhart® Teknologies
Blind rivets, rivet tools, automatic rivet tools, Well-Nut®, Jack-Nut®, and POP Nut®

SPR Emhart® Teknologies
Self-Pierce Riveting

SPS Technologies
Flexloc Self-Locking Nuts (Inch and Metric)

Sherex Fastening Solutions
Blind rivet nuts and threaded inserts

Panel/Door Latches & locks, quick access fasteners, drive rivets

Spiralock® Emhart® Teknologies
Flange nuts, self-clinching nuts, tanged and Drive NotchTM (tang-free) wire threaded inserts, and more

Spirol International Corporation
Coiled spring pins, spacers, customized shims and compression Limiters

Stimpson Co. Inc.
Eyelets, grommets & washers, attaching machines, CE rivets

Lamp Brand stainless and aluminum industrial components hardware

TRW Engineered Fasteners & Components
Nylon panel fasteners

U-C Components, Inc.
Vented screws, nuts, flatwashers, and lockwashers

W.M. Berg
Precision Mechanical Components

Warren® Emhart® Teknologies
Custom designed retainers manufactured from metal or plastic materials that meet the latest OEM specifications.


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